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Custom Projects


IC Knowledge is available for custom projects. Since the inception of the company we have consulted for many of our customers utilizing our unique products and databases to deliver custom reports, calculations and models.


Just a few examples of projects we have done:


Helped a customer evaluate the relative costs of different technologies for a custom ASIC design. Our work led to a several million dollar per year savings.


Helped start-up companies evaluate the cost competitiveness of technologies they were developing versus incumbent technologies including presenting our findings to potential investors helping them close funding rounds.


We have helped dozen of customers to evaluate the costs of parts they are buying resulting in substantial leverage and savings during pricing negotiation.


A project we did for Soitec in 2011 led to a report on the cost competitiveness of fully depleted SOI at the 20nm technology node. The report was released publicly and has been quoted in industry journals.


We have been involved in multiple instances of pricing disputes between former partners helping to resolve billions of dollars in disputes.


We have consulted for clients on operational issues at start-ups and also the design and construction of wafer fabrication facilities.