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IC Knowledge was formed in late 2000 by our founder and president Scotten W. Jones.


Scotten W. Jones (Scott) has over 35 years of experience in the semiconductor and MEMS industries. Mr. Jones has designed, built and run wafer fabs, been co-general manager of a semiconductor division and vice president of engineering at a MEMS start-up. For the last 20 years Mr. Jones has served as president of IC Knowledge LLC, the world leader in cost modeling of semiconductor and MEMS products. At IC Knowledge Mr. Jones expertise is in semiconductor and MEMS technology, cost and economics and he has widely published in these areas as well as leading the development of IC Knowledge's cost models.


Mr. Jones has published widely on semiconductor and MEMS. His publications may be accessed here.


Mr. Jones approach at IC Knowledge has been to leverage strategic partners and sub contractors to create a small company with the capabilities of a much larger organization.


Mr. Jones may be reached at: sjones@icknowledge.com